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The Program Outreach and Marketing Committee’s objectives are promoting and marketing the PMCP Alumni Network to fellow alumni and industry in the San Diego, CA, area. The committee supports the PMCP Alumni Network by facilitating communication and outreach through email campaigns, website maintenance, and social media accounts. This helps meet the strategic goals of the Alumni network in having a wide reach with alumni, current students and industry.

The committee benefits the PMCP Alumni Network by providing easy and fast communication between the PMCP and members. It also helps the Alumni network by maintaining a public website and social media accounts, as well as regularly posting blog articles. The Outreach and Marketing Stakeholders are:

The Alumni network strives to have a wide reach with alumni, current students and industry.

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If you are interested in joining our PMCP Alumni Network Committee and participate in our Program Outreach and Marketing committee, we invite you to contact our team online or call (619) 388-1800 for more information. We look forward to meeting you.

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"The PMCP program at the San Diego Continuing Education Center was a great course. My instructors, Ray and Dave, are extremely knowledgeable and possess extensive experience in Project Management. They kept the class engaged and motivated throughout the entire course."

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