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"I found the PMCP class at SDCC to be informative and worthwhile. The instructors provided me with real world examples of the theories taught. The Capstone project helped me to apply my new skills and knowledge alongside my classmates, which proved to be a valuable hands-on experience. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their project management knowledge, to learn new tools, and to grow their network. Additionally, my participation upon graduation with the PMCP Alumni Network has allowed me to build my network further with current students, alumni graduates, and industry professionals and has provided me opportunities for continued application of the project management and team building skills I learned in class." 
- Red Reagan

"The PMCP certificate program has given me the foundational tools and confidence to be successful in my project management career. It has also provided the opportunity to network within the PM community and opportunity for further PM advancement."

“Thank you Dave, Ellen, Pam, and Anjelica!!”

- Abby Chargualaf

"The PMCP program at the San Diego Continuing Education Center was a great course. My instructors, Ray and Dave, are extremely knowledgeable and possess extensive experience in Project Management. They kept the class engaged and motivated throughout the entire course. The rich content presented in this program and the valuable learning tools provided made this class an excellent place to start for anybody who's looking to make a career change, fine-tune their skills in project management, or simply learn more about project management methodologies and standards. I'm very happy that I was able to be part of this course as it played a great part in preparing me in my career as a Project Manager."

- Jayden Jean

"As someone who had numerous years of Project Management (PM) experience, without the benefit of “formal” project management training, I found this course to be extremely useful. My prior experience had been gained by observation of managers working in highly technical fields. This course provided me with “formal” exposure to the procedural tools and “jargon” of PM philosophy. During the course work, student teams were organized by random selection. At the outset of the capstone project. The individuals on my team ranged from difficult to please and cooperative to openly hostile. By incorporation of PM team concepts covered in the course, we became a cohesive and successful team."

- K. Julian

"Taking the PMCP was such a great experience. Dave, Tom, and Ray were great instructors with great stories to tell. It was nice to see people there from all career levels and learn from their experiences as well. At the time I was unemployed but within a couple months I was hired as a contractor with a company for four months. After month three I was offered a full-time position with the company. I believe everything I learned from PMCP helped me to not only get the job offer but gave me the opportunity to use what I learned to earn the full-time position. I continue to be a part of PMCP by being involved with the Alumni Network."

- Simone F. - Alumni Fall 2014

"Before PMCP I had no clue how to read or create a Gantt chart. Immediately after completing the MS Project segment, I create a work breakdown structure and Gantt Chart for a project I was in charge of! Thank you."

"The PMCP program was a cost-effective way for me to learn the foundational knowledge needed to manage projects efficiently and effectively. The Instructors are highly experienced veterans of project management who provide relevant, real-world insight on each step of the PM methodology. By earning the certification, I am now able to execute my projects with more confidence and ability. I highly recommend the program."

"I had only been in class a few weeks and had already implemented some of the processes learned from Dave's group exercises on my job. I had literally just finished a project at work sat down with my manager and went over the "takeaways". I would have never thought about that before, I would just leave being glad it was over! I also had a big interview that week and I used my PM skills to organize my talking points and get a clear objective of why I wanted the job and what I would bring to it. I was very pleased with my interview and responses, we'll see what happens. Either way, I can definitely see the opportunities that will open up to me with tools I am learning." 

"PMCP really helped me with putting together my own business; it taught me how to plan the project, stay organized, and also understand possible problems and risks. It really was very informative and provided great real world examples that could apply to any situation or organization."

"I have constantly been sharing my learnings from this course at work and today, I finally got the promotion that I have been working so hard to achieve. Effective Monday, July 13th, I am a full-fledged Project Manager at my work!!!!”

"I was assigned a team to put together a presentation (at work). I led the team in completing a charter, work breakdown structure, and a Gantt chart!"

"I started making a priority matrix chart for my daily work. I started concentrating on lessons learned from each task I handle. I am much more confident and ready to "rule the world."

"I have been long-term unemployed; the course has really kept my motivation up, feeling like I was moving my life forward. It kept my business vocabulary up-to-date for interviews."

"I will be able to move up in my company, understanding the processes and lingos, and be able to own the knowledge."

"I was not a project manager before this class….. Now I know the terminology and know there is PM software out there that can help."

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"The PMCP program at the San Diego Continuing Education Center was a great course. My instructors, Ray and Dave, are extremely knowledgeable and possess extensive experience in Project Management. They kept the class engaged and motivated throughout the entire course."

Jayden J.


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